The Story

Wildcats is a Canadian snowboard brand established in the early 2000 by legendary snowboarder Devun Walsh, it originally started has a snowboard crew in 1999 and they became famous for their snowboard movies, party antics and for naming a snowboard trick after themselves (Wildcat, an over the tail backflip while grabbing in between your bindings with your back hand). The Wildcats mentality is all about having fun on and off snow, sharing good times with friends and family and promoting snowboarding's lifestyle.

Our goals is to create a community around our beliefs, bring people together and keep the stoke of snowboarding and the mountain high. Our Iconic logo is timeless and it represent the WILD in all of us.

Today some of the cats are still active and a breed of new Wildcats riders are emerging from around the world. Come join us and be part of the most iconic snowboard crew of all time.  

Riders: Frank Bourgeois, Fridge ST, Mikey Rencz, Charles Reid, Iikka Backstrom, Frank April and (your name here)

OG's: Devun Walsh, JF Pelchat, Eero Niemela, Tadahsi fuse, Chris Dufficy, Kale Stephens, Paavo Tikkanen, Chris Brown, Dionne Delesalle, Mikey Leblanc, Bjorn Leines,  Dave Cashen "2 Six", Rob Dow, Jake "the bottle" Mc Entire, Gaetan Chanut and Dicky Prickelstein.